Stress Relief – Lavender Moments at My House

You’d think stress would be non-existent in a home where love abides, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stress relief is necessary, almost everywhere these days, and I have found it in an uncommon way to not only reduce stress, but enjoy the delightful and often delicate fragrance of lavender.

I spend a lot of hours working at my desk. As a writer, there are days when it seems like home surrounds my desk rather than my desk resides in my home. But on the corner of my desk is one of my favorite accessories. A hummingbird and hibiscus wax warmer that provides a low level light, and just enough heat to warm the wax melt inside the glass bowl.

Humming Bird WarmerSometimes I change out the aromas, cinnamon and apple in the winter, or eucalyptus and honey for a time, but more often than not, I revert back to my favorite scents, lavender, or lemon grass. Either of them set off a world of relaxation and inspiration as I work.

And the biggest benefit of lavender is that I find everyone in my home is more relaxed when I’m sharing the lavender scent. My grandsons play quieter, my daughter is more relaxed… Even my son-in-law comes home to kick back and put his feet up, relaxing to the sweet aroma of lavender.

My daughter home schools her son, so there’s a lot of ‘work time’ involved in our lives every day, whether she’s focusing on her 31 Bags Business, or on home schooling, or I’m working at writing, building websites, or doing one of the marketing jobs that goes with my business. Our days are busy and filled with activities. So, ultimately, we have a melt going somewhere in the house almost all the time. My favorite is still the one on my desk with hummingbirds and hibiscus.

Ways to deal with Stress

One of the many ways we choose to deal with stress includes visits to local hiking areas around Colorado Springs. This hike took us to a look out point, where we could see much of Colorado Springs on a warm spring day.

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The opportunity to hike anywhere on the mountain within a thirty minute (or less) drive is always a great benefit to living in the shadow of Pike’s Peak. And about that weather? You never know when the climate is going to change. It’s summer one day, and winter the next!

Mountain living is fun. It’s one of the better reasons for tolerating Front Range Traffic.

Stress Relief with Family

Nothing relieves stress better than spending time with the family in one of the wonders of the world. Just a short 20 minute drive from home, nature takes center stage as we perch on a rock, or climb through the pines, gather pine cones, or feed the squirrels, laughing and having the best times of our lives, with family.

The clincher, as always, is returning home to a sweet smelling home, good food, and pleasant nights enjoying each other’s company.

Pssst… Did you know lavender grows wild in the Colorado Rockies?

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