How Snow Sensations Started

I know it has been awhile since I have blogged. Thanks have been busy with family, health, and this journey we all call life. I have been asked several times how did you get started with Snow Sensations. So, here it is…..


I started making soy wax tarts 9 years ago when I got tired of getting migraines from parrafin and parrafin soy wax blends candles, and tarts.

Researched waxes

I did research and found two other kinds of wax. I found someone who knew how to make soy and 🐝 wax candles. She gave me a recipe on how to make both kinds in a microwave.

First Batch

I made and tested my first batch. It was amazing and no migraine. I then made more batches of soy wax candles with my kids. We had fun. It was our hobby and family time.


Due to having so many allergies, psoriasis, and sensitive skin I also learned how to make soap, bath fizzes, and bath salt.

Hobby Today,Business Tomorrow

3 years later our hobby grew into a business. I decided that even if the business doesn’t work out I still had a hobby I loved and can enjoy making with my family💚. Win win situation. Now you know how I got started and how much the all natural products mean to me.

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