Olympics In The Closet

I remember one Saturday morning when I was 8 years old, I was watching the Olympics for the first time. The event that interested me was the gymnastics as I loved doing cart wheels, flips, and other gymnastic moves.


The announcer announced the next Olympian for the uneven bars. I still remember her name today. Mary Lou Retton walked over to the uneven bars with such confidence. I was in such awe of her. Yes, I wanted to be like her, but no the Olympics was not my dream. She started by rubbing chalk on her hands after putting on the brace like things on her wrists. Mary then went over to the line and then began running, jumped up onto the uneven bars and began flipping and switching bars with such grace. After a few minutes a doing her routine she flipped off the bars and landed her dismount.

Watching Mary Lou Retton perform her routine on the uneven bars, I decided I can do that. How can hard could it be? I went upstairs to my bedroom. Changed into my swimming suit. I took all my clothes that were hanging on hangers out of my closet. Then, I took all the empty hangers and threw them on the floor of my closet. I know you are probably thinking why the closet. Well, it is simple I had three bars in my closet. two high bars, and one lower bar. So, at the time I was thinking I have uneven bars in my closet.

Olympics in my Closet

Instead of jumping up to the bars in my closet, I stepped onto a chair to get up on the bar. Then, I kicked the chair away. I began to doing flips and hanging upside down from the first high bar. I then decided I was going to swing from bar to the lower bar.

After I swung back and forth a few times before attempting to swing and reach for the lower bar. When I got the courage to move to the lower bar, I reached for the lower bar, and let my legs go off the higher bar. I ended up flipping and missing the lower bar landing on my tookers.


I proceeded to get up, but couldn’t. I was stuck! That tangled mess of hangers was attached to me. I got those hangers untangled from me when I noticed another hanger sticking out from behind me. When I tried pulling on it, all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain and burning sensation coming from my back side. I pulled on it again. Ouch! that really hurt.

I ran down the stairs making a thud every time the hanger hit a stair. Every time the hanger hit a step, I screamed. I finally got down the stairs, and located my mother. By the time I told her the whole story, my brother is rolling on the flooring laughing. . She just left the room shaking her head. When my mother returned with wire cutters, she told me to bend over her knee. I was thinking I’m getting a spanking for getting a hanger stuck in my tookers that’s not right, but I dare not object to my mother. I did as she instructed. She pulled, clipped, pulled, clipped, and pulled some more until finally the hanger was out. Don’t do this at home…

My mom put a Band-Aid on it and told me I am going to get a scar. I was a little disappointed about that. She then proceeded to tell me that the scar would remind me DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

That is how the Olympics started in my closet, didn’t stay long, and never returned again.

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