Learn how to make all natural homemade bleach

I am a type of person that loves having my house clean, but for the sake of my children, grandchildren, and myself I hate toxins and chemicals. I prefer all natural things, homemade, and stuff that isn’t going to be harmful to myself, animals, grandkids, and the environment.

Don’t get me wrong I love what bleach does to my white clothes, countertops, tub, toilet, sinks, appliances, and floors I just don’t like the headaches and troubles breathing for myself, kids, and grandkids. Oh, and don’t forget my furnances.

With this recipe I found by doing some research I don’t have to worry about toxins, chemicals, and it is safe for everyone, furnances, and the environment.

Things You Will Need:

3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
1/2 cup lemon juice
10-20 drops lemon essential oil
7 cups water
1/2 gallon or 1 gallon jug or container

In a 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon jug or container, put all ingredients in put lid on and shake. Label container with “homemade bleach” or “bleach” whichever you prefer. Store in dark, cool area. My suggestions would be above or near washer, under sink, or wherever you store any other cleaners.

Hope you love this recipe as much as I do. Feel free to share this post out, comment if you have any questions or concerns, or just send an email to snowscensations@gmail.com

Have a Scensational Day!

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