Coke more than a drink

Did you know that Cocoa-Cola is more than a drink? I was amazed myself when I was younger and my grandma put coke in her wash machine with the clothes. To my surprise the clothes came out clean without any grease stains. I remembered my grandma doing this, and started searching of other ways to use coke. To my surprise there was more to coke than drinking and laundry.

Here are other ways to use Cocoa-Cola:

1. Put a can of coke in the laundry wash to remove blood, grease, oil, and heavily soiled clothes.

2. Pour a can of coke in the toilet. Let set for awhile. Scrub with toilet brush. Flush. Never worry about cleaning the toilet ever again. Let your fizzy friends do the work.

3. Window Cleaner-this one even amazes me.

4. Kills mice- they love the coke. The coke however, doesn’t like mice.

5. Spray bugs, roaches, and ants. It does the same for bugs as it does the mice. They all end up pushing up daisies.

6. Removes gum out of hair. Pour coke on the gum mess. Let it set for an hour. The gum is easier to get out.

7. Cleans off cooked on black junk on pots and pans. Just pour coke in pots and pans. Let set and let coke do its job.

8. Rust remover- put rusted object in a container. Pour coke on object. Let set for an hour. Rinse off with water.

9. Defroster-pour coke on frosted windshield. It will make ice fall off.

10. Gets rid of skunk smell of yourself and animals. Jump into the shower. Pour coke over affected smelly area. Wash. Take a shower as usual.

11. Cleans battery- pour on battery terminals.

12. Loosen rusted bolts- pour coke on rusted bolt. Let it set for awhile. Rinse with water. The bolt should be loosened.

13. Removes oil and stains from floors. Pour a can of coke on the oil stain. Let set. Rinse with hot water. Mop as usual.

Now, you know as much as I know about the many uses of coke. If you have other ways or experiences with coke please share. I would love to hear them.

Until next time…Have a Scensational Day!